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Overview of School Official Exemption Program

School officials may choose to obtain an exemption from state certification requirements to conduct radon testing in their schools, rather than contract the testing to a certified radon testing business. This will result in lower costs; it will also shift the responsibility for proper testing to the school official and district.

To receive an exemption from the certification requirements established under N.J.S.A. 26:2D-70 et seq., school officials must do the following:

  • Complete DEP-approved training. A list of training providers can be obtained from the List of Course Providers or by contacting the DEP Radon Section at (800) 648-0394

  • Submit an application to the DEP for exemption. The application should be provided at the training course, or you may contact the DEP Radon Section for a copy. The application will require the signature of the District Superintendent/Chief School Administrator verifying that the individual is authorized by the district to perform radon testing in compliance with EPA and DEP testing requirements. It also requires a copy of the certificate verifying successful completion of the training course.

  • When the application is approved, an identification number will be provided. Use the identification number for all radon testing paperwork.

  • Obtain test devices from a certified radon measurement business that is certified for school testing. A list of these businesses is provided under Certified Radon Testing Businesses in New Jersey, or can be obtained by contacting the DEP Radon Section at (800) 648-0394

  • Conduct the testing in accordance with School Radon Testing Program: Summary of Requirements (PDF), and Radon Measurement in Schools (Revised Edition), EPA 402-R-92-014, July 1993, available from the USEPA Indoor Air Quality Info Line at (800) 438-4318.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact the DEP Radon Section at (800) 648-0394.

Exemption Requirements and Conditions

The exemption that is given by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for testing in schools allows only the individual that completes the training course and receives the exemption to test schools in his/her school district. Should the individual become employed by another district, the exemption is NOT transferable. The exemption is not transferable to any other individual and no individual may assist with any portion of the testing unless he/she also has an exemption within the same district.

The exemption from state certification requirements for radon testing expires on the date indicated on the letter confirming the exemption. Individuals will have to apply for another exemption to perform testing after that date for all future testing periods.

The exempted individual is responsible for following the required testing guidance and should understand the seriousness of the testing for which he/she is responsible. The data will be forwarded to the DEP by the measurement business from which the testing devices are obtained. The data will be maintained on file and in the Radon Section database.

The exemption provides the individual with an identification number that must be used when conducting testing and filling out all testing forms. The number will be tracked by the DEP and used as identification to show who deployed and retrieved the device. In addition, the county, district and school codes must be entered on all test forms.

The testing protocol to be followed is detailed in the EPA document "Radon Measurement in Schools, Revised Edition," EPA 402-R-92-014, July, 1993 (including the sheet entitled "Corrections in the Second Printing") and the School Radon Testing Program: Summary of Testing Requirements (PDF).

List of Course Providers

As of September 9, 2003, the following course providers have been approved by the DEP to provide training for school officials that will enable them to conduct testing within their own school districts:

Eastern Regional Radon Training Center (ERRTC)
Office of Continuing Education
Cook College, Rutgers University
102 Ryders Lane New Brunswick,
NJ 08901-8519
(732) 445-2582;
(732) 932-8726 (fax)

J. Keith Baicker Radiation Data
P.O. Box 150
Skillman, NJ 08858
(609) 466-4300;
(609) 466-4302 (fax)

Michael McGuinness R.K.
Occupational & Environmental Analysis, Inc.
401 St. James Ave.
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
(908) 454-6316;
(908) 454-4818 (fax)

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